Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy starts from our decision to process the issues that concern us in the condition of an interpersonal encounter. That is, the meeting of the patient with the therapist.

Psychotherapy for children and adolescents

The particular condition that concerns children's psychotherapy is that the demand for psychotherapy is usually formed by the child's parents.


During a person's life, difficulties may arise for them to feel they need the support of an expert. Counseling all of the above issues we deal with individual psychotherapy.


The workplace

The psychologist is active in Thessaloniki, practicing privately the profession since 2012. The psychologist’s office is located in the center of Thessaloniki: Ermou street, number 36, 5th floor.

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Psychotherapy by Donald Winnicot Uncategorized
June 3, 2019

Psychotherapy By Donald Winnicot

Donald Winnicott has lots to teach us about how to look after children - but also about how not to aim for perfection. Being a 'good enough' parent is good enough
Ο δρόμος της ψυχοθεραπείας είναι αυτός της επιθυμίας. Uncategorized
May 24, 2019

The path of psychotherapy is that of desire.

What is the desire? The title of the article itself contains a possible contradiction. How can we define - and indeed identify - the path of psychotherapy? Impossible, someone would say. At the very most we would manage to give a definition of psychotherapy itself, that is to describe it as a process. We can still define its goals and…
April 10, 2019

Stress at an individual, family, and social level: understanding and managing

What is stress? Stress is something we all experience at some point. Speaking of anxiety, we basically refer to the normal reaction of a person when he feels threatened. The situation that is perceived as a threat can be related to our physical, mental or social constitution and security. For example, we usually have anxiety when we expect the results…
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