Adult counseling: During a person’s life, difficulties may arise for them to feel they need the support of an expert. All of the above issues can be dealt with individual psychotherapy. However, it is a more short-term and focused process. It aims help the individual explore thoughts and feelings about the issues that concern him. The purpose of the co process is to make them better understood, as well as the choices available.

Indicative issues: relationship problems, communication skills, interpersonal conflict resolution, divorce, professional counseling, crisis management.

Parent counseling: A particular part of the counseling sector is the psychologist’s sessions with parents about issues related to relationships with their children. Parent counseling may be part of the process of individual psychotherapy of the child or adolescent. However, it may involve individual parental visits to the psychologist so that they can process and manage the issues that concern them in their relationships with their children.

Indicative: setting limits, communication problems, relationship problems, transitional periods in family life and adaptation, divorce, parenting information and child development issues.